jueves, 8 de febrero de 2007

VICTORIA MUSSOTTO is a stunning artist

Victoria Musotto

The Ostinatto Buenos Aires Hostel, around the corner from Appetite, also has a commercial gallery space downstairs, which Appetite is currently using to show one of its member’s works.
The 21-year-old Victoria Musotto is a stunning artist. If I had the money, and somewhere to keep them, I would buy every one of these paintings and have them as my private stash. You wouldn't need booze or drugs to pick you up if you had one of these at home.

I don't think I've ever seen paintings that made me feel so good, so happy: like getting sucked into one of those electric-blue cocktails that spits you back out feeling light-headed and light-hearted. So full of color and spirit and energy, if you were to hang these in an old folk's home, you would have them throwing away their walkers and getting down to some House music.

fuente: ArtInfo by Oscar McLennan, 15/10/2006

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